Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Happy Entry

Well, David, after you read my blog you said that, though you loved it, you wished there were more entries about happy times in my life. So, while my freshly nuked mac n' cheese is cooling down, I'll write a little diddy about today - which was happy.

Happy is really an understatement. It was the second best day I've had since I got here (the first is awarded to the birth of my ingeleh of a niece, Maya.) I went to hang out with Gaby - you know, the one who finds poop almost as funny as you do? - and her boyfriend, James, and their new roommate. The new roomy is a freshman transfer student from Pennsylvania named Kirstin [KEER-ston... Not Kristin. I made that mistake]. She's fucking awesome. She reminds me of Melissa McCarthy. Like, a lot. Kirsten is prettier, though. Anywho, after hanging out at their apartment for an hour or so, we all went to the dining hall to get some dinner. It was outrageously packed. (Lesson learned: the dining hall is basically closed from 6:00-6:30 on account of a severe lack of seating.) James and Gaby went to get their food and Kirsten and I scouted for a place to sit. We spread out and finally some people left and I grabbed the table. Kirsten invited a friend of hers named so-and-so from something-something (I'll remember her name eventually.) She is also fucking awesome. She doesn't remind me of anyone, though. So it was the five of us eating and talking and laughing... for about two and a half hours. It was amazing. As we left, so-and-so said "I'm so happy there's people like me here." I was walking behind everyone as we meandered through the people towards the exit, so I had time to smile to myself and really appreciate the sentiment. A moment to realize how much I empathized with her. The way things had been going before Gaby (and her world) showed up made me think there wasn't anyone out there for me (besides those that I had already found who I couldn't be with.) But no, it's just my fucking roommates that get me down. I just spent the past five hours with a bunch of people who seem to find the same things in me that you do. I've found some people who laugh at the same stupid shit, who care about the same things, who view the world in a familiar way. I do believe I've found some people like me. I've just had such a wonderful day, David. It made me very happy.

Chelsea! That's her name. Fuck.

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